Led by founders Marissa Sackler and Simon Isaacs, Beespace is a new concept nonprofit incubator, helping to identify and launch the next generation of innovative nonprofits. By providing shared services, office space, and support from a dynamic community of innovators and leaders, Beespace is poised to launch the best and the brightest nonprofits looking to Profit the World.

We worked intimately with Interim Executive Director, Simon Isaacs from the ground up to develop the brand from the core brand positioning and brand manifesto to the visual brand identity, print collateral, website design, and office branding. We crafted an aspirational brand motto, Profit the World that champions the values, purpose, and intent of the organization. Alongside this process, we developed the core brand identity looking to distill all Beespace has to offer into a visual brand language from the logo and typography to the photography direction and icon development. It was essential that the visual identity embodied the progressive spirit, vibrant nature and energetic intentions of the organization.

One of the most exciting pieces of this brand is the Profit the World mural created to live permanently in the space. The mural is a dynamic and abstract expression of the internal ethos, energy, and values of the incubator and is a visual feast to enjoy and inspire over and again.

We are honored to be a part of bringing this incredible brand to life and look forward to continuing to support the organization and it’s incubees as they forge forth to Profit the World.

Blue Hill

Blue Hill brings a taste of their exquisite, award-winning dining experience to your local dairy aisle with the launch of their savory yogurt line, Blue Hill Yogurt. Laureen Barber, co-owner and Design Director of Blue Hill, approached us to work with her to bring this exciting brand to life in the yogurt branding, packaging, print collateral, and website design. It was important to Laureen that the brand felt authentic to the Blue Hill brand and that it had it’s own unique identity that would stand out in a crowded yogurt dairy aisle.

From our first meeting, we were mutually inspired by the aesthetic of a vintage seed packet line for the yogurt brand and packaging. The artisanal quality of the packets meshed with the farm-to-table Blue Hill brand and felt like a natural direction for this product line. We worked with the talented Mary Woodin to craft vegetable illustrations and brushstroke lettering for each flavor. Juxtaposing the warmth of the illustrations and the cool slate struck the right balance of authenticity and refinement at the heart of the Blue Hill brand. We added level of whimsy and depth to the product experience by adding a surprise message underneath the colorful and vibrant lids.

For the product launch, we worked with Laureen and her team to develop a press kit package utilizing wooden boxes filled with samples of each flavor in small weck jars and a stack of cards that told the story of the brand and introduced the flavor profiles: Beet, Carrot, Tomato, and Butternut Squash. We worked with photographer, Ben Alsop to capture images that highlighted the natural beauty of the quality ingredients. The brand storytelling continued on the website where we aimed to take viewers effortlessly through the full experience of the yogurts — from the heritage of the Blue Hill dairy farm to the 100% grass fed quality of the milk to the tasty, savory flavor profiles and how to use the yogurts in everyday recipes.


Fatherly, a parenting media platform for and by dads, was born when co-founders Simon Isaacs (a soon-to-be dad himself) and Michael Rothman realized that, while there was an abundance of parenting content for moms, there was no material geared towards expectant dads. They aim to deliver a compelling blend of general-interest content with product and service recommendations keyed to the age and stage of each user’s children.

We worked with Simon to develop the end-to-end brand experience, including the core visual identity (logo design, iconography, typography, graphic elements), corporate stationery, user interface design for the site, email templates, print and marketing collateral, and promotional merchandise. Our goal was to create a brand for guys who ‘happen to be dads’ and an online experience that was easy to browse, engaging to explore, and always fun to read. The seahorse you see in the brand’s logo (integrated with a subtle ‘F’) is a known symbol of modern fatherhood, being a rare example of a species in which the male carries and births offspring.

Fatherly has received a warm welcome and excitement from readers and media alike. We look forward to continuing to build the brand and online experience in the months and years ahead.



Serenbe is a 1,000-acre, sustainable community outside Atlanta, GA that offers an alternative to the hustle and bustle of city living. Set in a breathtaking landscape of rolling hills and lush greenery, Serenbe offers a simple, vibrant, and rich setting for anyone seeking a life among the trees, from those who come for a short visit to people who stay a lifetime.

Steve and Marie Nygren first discovered the property now known as Serenbe over 20 years ago on a weekend outing with their children to the Georgia countryside. Their vision for Serenbe was to protect the beautiful rural land outside of Atlanta and to raise their children in a nourishing environment. It is now a place that hundreds call home and where those who live or visit are reminded of our connection to others, to nature, to the arts, and to ourselves.

We worked closely with the Serenbe team to develop an online experience that would provide a taste of the beauty, richness, and wonder of Serenbe. To that end, we showcased the breathtaking photography of the property as the leading feature of the site design. We restructured and simplified the content and information architecture of the site to display its core values and offerings in the most digestible and inviting way for both new and recurring site visitors. At Serenbe, there are magical surprises hiding around every corner; in this same spirit, we included discoverable interactions that surprise and delight as well as help illustrate the warm and inviting nature of this enchanting place.


Aeras is a nonprofit biotech advancing the development of new tuberculosis vaccines for the world. Aeras’ mission is to develop new TB vaccines that are affordable and accessible to all who need them. When we started our work with Aeras, the organization sat at a key point in its history and was poised to standout as one of the most innovative and impactful leaders in global health and vaccine discovery. With a refreshed brand and effective visuals communications, Aeras could embody the possibility and promise of its work and people.

Our task was to strengthen Aeras’ communications with a refreshed brand and consistent, professional and differentiated visual identity system. It was essential to reflect Aeras’ innovative work and to engage our target demographic of scientists, policy makers, academics, and other opinion leaders. We created a revitalized brand system that also included an information graphics system that enabled Aeras to distill complex data into communications that connected with our audiences. Our brand refresh approach focused on the cross-section between science and humanity and on the key brand themes of innovation and impact, global collaboration, leadership, and scientific possibility. The visual brand language starts with the professional yet warm Aeras logotype, the A logo mark that speaks to their collaborative approach as well as the progress and innovation of their work, and continues through the modern information graphics alongside beautifully human photography style.

We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with Kari Stoever, Simon Isaacs, Annemarie Leadman and the Communications team at Aeras to develop this new brand language that will support and strengthen Aeras’ critical and important work around the world to make TB history.