“Apartment One has been an invaluable partner
from day one, bringing the Future Fortified brand
to life from concept to launch. The team takes the time
to listen and collaborate, bringing their creativity,
fresh approach, and attention to the smallest details
to each and every project.”

—Adrianna Logalbo, Executive Director,
Future Fortified

Project Details

The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), funded largely by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is an international organization working to end global malnutrition through a market-based, sustainable solution: home fortification packets that provide the essential nutrients to
give birth and raise healthy children. Along with our partners at TaskForce, we developed GAIN’s
first-ever national fundraising and awareness campaign, aimed at engaging American moms, grassroots activists, and policymakers.


We conceived and developed the name, brand identity, and touch points across print, digital, consumer merchandise, and packaging. In the branding and campaign, we celebrate the power
of this small solution and the impact each human action can make to end global malnutrition.
We developed a brand voice and visuals to be both empowering and accessible to our core
audience. Included in the graphic language is a system of blank white boxes that allows
individuals to make their own marks on the campaign–and on the future.


  • Naming
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Copywriting
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Corporate Stationery
  • Print Collateral
  • Product Design
  • Promotional Collateral
  • Out-of-Box Experience
  • Website
  • Social Media