“To say that they were enthusiastic and inspired still does not speak to the level of commitment of creative thought and passion Apartment One brought to my project. They made me believe that anything was possible, and they showed me that it was.”

Tracey Stewart, Founder, Moomah

Project Details

When we first met with founder Tracey Stewart, she expressed a desire for Moomah to be a space that would encourage creativity and connection between parents, children, and friends. A place where imagination and wonder would reign. We sought to develop an organic, dynamic brand language to translate Tracey’s vision for a multigenerational collaborative space into a memorable brand.

We first looked to identify the essence of Moomah and simplified it into four core values: connect, create, discover, and nourish. We then developed a robust visual brand language that would convey those ideals, designing variations of the logo with everyday objects that represented each value.

We pushed the boundaries of traditional identity development by extending the brand’s identity beyond the logo and name and creating an ownable graphic vernacular that encapsulated the whimsy, wonder, and heart of the brand.

We’re thrilled that our work with Moomah has been recognized by our peers in the design community by AIGA’s 365/31, How’s International Design Award, Print’s Regional Design Annuals, and in many design blogs and publications.

  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Identity
  • Copywriting
  • Stationery and Print Collateral
  • Shopping Bags
  • Food and Product Packaging
  • E-Commerce Website
  • Environmental Graphics